About El Santuario

Located just off the Central Pacific Coast near Manuel Antonio and Quepos, Costa Rica, El Santuario has partnered with El Santuario Canopy Adventure Tour  to bring thrill seekers Central America's Longest single zipline at over 3/4 of a mile!

Our professional, certified guides lead you safely and securely over, under, and through the canopy on our double anchored touchless lines. Our proprietary, dynamic braking system provides you an extra measure of safety as you traverse the lines without the need to worry about braking (or breaking!) yourself.

In total, the tour has over 3.6 kilometers of total line length on 11 lines, 14 tree platforms, 3 nature walks, 6 hanging bridges, a rappel secured by a top and bottom belay, air stairs, mountain, jungle, canopy, and ocean views.

Come fly with El Santuario Canopy Adventure Tour where Adrenaline meets a healthy dose of education!

Santuario Tours is passionate about offering truly unique educational opportunities. Not only will you take away memories that will last a lifetime - you will learn some history, you will learn a little about the rainforest and the beautiful country that hosts over 5% of the world’s biodiversity. Santuario Tours is motivated to share and educate.

  • We Have the Longest Single Zip Line in Central America at Over 4,300 Feet.
  • 14 Tree Platforms, 3 Towers, 6 Hanging Bridges, 3 Nature Walks, 1 Double Belay Rappel.
  • Fly with Safety on Our Touchless Lines with No Braking Required by the Rider.
  • 11 Double Anchored Ziplines Totaling Over 3.6 Kilometers in Length


Many tours claim to be the longest line in Costa Rica.  We actually are.  Come see for yourself or take a look at some of our video commentary on YouTube here:



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 Longest, Fastest, Newest, and Safest Zipline Tour in Costa Rica!